Reflecting back over the past season one cannot believe how quickly 2016 has gone by. It feels like just yesterday that we returned back from Vegas and started making our pre season preparations.

It has been a year of superb hunting for both big and plains game! It’s also been a year where we have seen incredible criticism from world media and uninformed people. The animal activists have overnight risen to become a formidable force and with the help of social media they are carving away at the pillars that support our very livelihood. Hunting as we know it is quickly becoming a thing of the past and as hunters we will have to focus more on ethical, sustainable hunting practices and keep our industry and sport squeaky clean.

It’s been a true blessing to have had so many of our old clients come back on return safaris and trusting us again to plan their adventures. Many brought their families and as always those hunts were a blast to host as your time around the campfire is always exciting and noisy from tales of the days hunts. Husbands and wives joined us and many of the wives ended up hunting their first animals. Kids are always special and it’s so needed to introduce the youth to hunting and Africa. Our mission statement is to provide a Classic African Safari Without Compromise and by that we stand firm and tall. Clients have to always remember that it doesn’t matter whether you feel that a request is silly or out of place, if you let us know with enough advance notice, we will find a way to make it work. South Africa is still only one of two countries being allowed to export their elephant trophies to the USA and Madubula Safaris has access to some of the best areas South Africa has to offer. Our areas are large and wild and by the end of the day you will take back so much more than just a trophy. Being one of the outfitters permitted to hunt and export our hunted wild Lions just again proves how valuable sound management practices are… And our areas have that!

Once again this year we hunted far and wide outside our countries borders. Namibia and Ethiopia both produced great trophies and happy clients. 2017 is already almost booked up with South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and Ethiopia all on the calendar and with over 26 years of experience in outfitting top class hunts it is our pleasure to open up Africa to you.

The never ending wave of criticism is still growing against hunters and as hunters we have to be aware of this. Be careful what you post on social media, be aware of how you present yourselves in your photos and most all show respect to the animals hunted. The future of hunting in Africa is still an uncertainty, large companies are more worried about public perceptions than how to conserve and ensure the survival of our wild areas.

We are at a new dawn of wildlife management and thus we need YOU the Hunter to invest in our areas. We need the world to know that without your money spent in Africa most areas will cease to exist as will the wildlife in those areas.

2016 has been a fantastic year. Magnificent trophies were hunted by each and every client. Yes, some were bigger than others and we have to realize we are not hunting on fenced game ranches, rather we hunt in the true sense of the word. Hunting huge wild areas is a privilege not a guarantee of a trophy. We hunt hard and long and sometimes we just get plain lucky…. That is hunting!

A big thank you go out to our staff who always go the extra mile to ensure a successful and fun trip. A Professional Hunter is only as good as his back up team and that is why we stand out above the rest.

We wish you all a happy and successful 2017. We look forward to welcoming back old friends and we can’t wait to show our Africa to our new clients.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you.”
– Numbers 6:24