It’s amazing how the older we get the faster time flies by. 2018 had barely begun and now it is over. It has been a year of many changes in the hunting industry worldwide. Social media has a huge role to play in this and it has served to lay bare our entire pastime, which is not always a good thing as the anti-hunters latch on to and exploit any negative aspect they can. I urge you all to be very cognizant of this fact before posting images and opinions on public social media sites. Hunting is not a spectator sport, rather a personal challenge. We all love our sport dearly and all need to make a concerted effort to conduct ourselves in a way that we can be proud of and defend against the onslaught. We also need to educate and instill the love of hunting in our youth. It is a concern to see the marked lack of a younger generation at our conventions.

Many challenges were faced in Africa this year, not the smallest being USFW placing import permits on hold for lion and elephant. Many are not scientifically based decisions and these hurt, rather than promote conservation. The time is now for us to stand together and support our treasured right to hunt. Despite this, however, we have had a great season, taken some magnificent animals, made new lifelong friends and best of all made memories that will last forever. After working together for a while, we have made our partnerships in Zambia and Namibia official. We can now offer the discerning hunter the very best camps and premier hunting blocks in Africa.

Our season started early in March with a dear friend and eleven other hunters on a fun-filled safari. He was, in fact, one of our very first clients in 1992, what a privilege to still be hunting together

after 26 years and what a treasure that friendship is and the memories we have of our younger days back in 1992. There have been many other truly memorable safaris this season. We lost a very dear friend last year and his dream had always been to get a Vaal Rhebok with his trusty old muzzleloader. So, his wife decided to complete the challenge in his absence and in his honor and on her eleventh safari with us fulfilled his dream with a Top Ten Vaal Rhebok. What an honor it was to hunt with two of America’s finest men, men that have sacrificed so much for their country yet remain so humble and modest.

Many miles of walking in the dust and the heat of the desert where we took two of the best elephant in Africa this year, the vast arid plains of the Northern Cape, the beauty of the huge trees in Zambia down to the humid coastal forests after the diminutive Suni, Red Duiker and Blue Duiker, and all the hunts in between it has truly been a remarkable season. We thank each and every one of you for putting your faith in us, for sharing the beauty of this magical continent with us and for booking with us again. Most of you are veterans having hunted with us for ten or more safaris, but some are new, and we know the bond we have developed will only strengthen and together we can ensure the survival of our wildlife and our precious past time for many years and future generations. We look forward to catching up at the conventions and even more so to the exciting safaris already booked for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

God’s richest blessings to you all.
The Madubula Team