What a year 2017 has been! It sounds like a cliche but really it has been … WOW!

We started off early in March with a exciting rhino and multi buffalo hunt and ended mid November with a classic hippo and plains game hunt. As with previous years most of our hunts were undertaken by return clients. Some for a 2nd or 3rd hunt and others for a 12th or 13th time! ONE FOR HIS 17TH SAFARI!

Its not something we plan on happening but at the end of the day we all sweat under the same warm sun, we breath the same dust that sticks to sweaty skins and we relish and enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a TEAM… of success… and who wouldn’t want to return and enjoy that same feeling with the same group that you now see as “brothers in arms” … as friends.

As you all know we do not limit ourselves to South Africa alone. Zambia provided us with exciting and successful cat hunts along with a variety of other species. Zambia’s beauty lies in its rawness, its friendly people and landscape. You learn to love the pesky tsetse fly for as much as we hate them we need them. They still keep Africa wild!

Namibia blessed us with superb elephants and other species. It’s a country where the hunting industry is openly backed by its government and it’s an example set that needs to be followed by many others.

South Africa, well South Africa is home and in the end there is no place like home. We have access to some of the finest areas and if we can get our government to realize the need for sustainable utilization then we can yet again be the top destination where you can legally hunt all of the BIG Five.

We can without a doubt say that we can offer you the client, a Classic African Safari Without Compromise. Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon are all booked and waiting for you to leave behind a boot print in the sand.

It’s also worth mentioning that another young hunter, should we say huntress, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Cabela’s Young Hunter of the Year’. This now makes it a total of three recipients who have started their African hunting careers with Madubula Safaris. Well done again and Congratulations!

As always we have to say thank you again to all our staff who we work alongside with everyday. They are masters in their trade and are an integral part of every safaris success.

2018 looks set to be another amazing year and we are as excited about it as if it’s our very first one.

Thank you again to each and every hunter that hunted with us this year! Thank you for your loyalty, your trust in us and your friendship! We look forward to sharing our ‘Africa’ with you.

The Madubula Team