Madubula Safaris is owned and operated by John Abraham and his wife Lauri Abraham. As a young child John grew up hunting with the Zulu natives and continues to employ Zulu trackers within his outfit today. It is from his relationship with the Zulu natives that John got his name ‘Madubula’ which means “the one who shoots.”

When John began his business in 1990 it was a natural decision to call his outfit Madubula Safaris as a sign of respect for the people of the great Zulu nation. John’s mission is to bring Africa to you in a traditional and ethical style of hunting. As a result you will come home understanding the true meaning of what it takes to be the Madubula!!!

Madubula Safaris is, without a doubt, one of the leaders in the field of providing superior big game, plains game and wingshooting safaris in Southern Africa.

Safaris are conducted in an ethical manner. Accommodations in traditional, luxury, tented camps or lodges for the discerning individual on huge concessions, providing fair chase hunting. Madubula has highly skilled professional hunters, trackers and skinners which is complemented by polite, well-trained waiters and chefs.

All camps and equipment are of the highest standard and well maintained and stocked to ensure your stay is comfortable and relaxed in every way.