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All our camps – whether one of our luxury traditional tented camps, superb lodges or temporary fly camps, are fully stocked and well-equipped to ensure a relaxing stay. A fine selection of local and imported drinks is provided, as is a variety of top quality wines. While unwinding around the evening campfire you will be able to appreciate ice cold drinks and an array of cocktails, accompanied by traditional hors d’oeuvres. All camps provide hot and cold running water and flush toilets, bathrooms are en-suite – even in our tented camps, so total privacy is ensured. Generally, twin beds are provided in each tent or room, but special sleeping arrangements can be catered for on request. Camp staff will ensure that bathrooms are cleaned, beds made and that laundry is done daily. All rooms and tents are insect-proof and although electricity is not always available, lighting, either by solar or lanterns, is provided. All camps are in daily contact with our headquarters so messages can be received and relayed. 

Furthermore, all camps have been approved by our local game department for the accommodation of foreign guests, and all facilities provided are to the highest standard. They are located in scenic, safe areas to allow all members of the group, whether hunters or not, to enjoy Africa to the full.

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