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Classic African Safaris. 

Join us for your ultimate African adventure. 

MADUBULA SAFARIS was founded by John Abraham in 1990
and it has grown into one of Africa’s  premier safari companies.


Safaris are conducted to the highest ethical standards only, no compromise.  For this reason it has the deserved reputation of providing superior big game, plains game, bird shooting, and photographic safaris in Africa today.


At MADUBULA SAFARIS we believe in creating the ultimate safari experience. We understand the time, effort, and patience that goes into these hunts and we will do everything in our power to create the best memories for you as you embark on your African adventure.

We pride ourselves in providing world class African safaris without compromise. We believe this reaches beyond just the hunt or the trophy. This includes the accommodations, transport, staff, hunting areas, and everything in between to give you best experience possible. 


A big thank you goes out to all the Madubula staff, as they are the ones that make our mission possible. Thank you to everyone who chose to hunt with us, and we look forward to your return. Those waiting to join us on your future African safari, we are excited to share our passion with you and to be a part of your adventure of a lifetime. 


-  The Madubula Team 




Please click the tab below to view our 2024 e-brochure.

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